What We Do

Oracle™ Database Solutions deliver perhaps the best value on investment - be it a relatively less complex data warehouse or a very complex messaging system. Reliability, performance, platform independence are just some of the traits that make Oracle such a great database to rest on for your mission critical infrastructure. However all this flexibility and power has a price in terms of complexity. Oracle server, while versatile enough to handle any task, also becomes complex and requires equally versatile personnel to manage it. A successful implementation hinges on several factors - primarily planning and understanding of the internals. Without these two very vital approaches, the power of world's most powerful database server not only remains un-harnessed, but it may turn around and under-perform, leading to frustration and eventual rejection - just the very opposite of what it was expected to achieve. 

That is where Proligence comes in. We help you manage your perhaps the most powerful yet challenging project in several ways. We can assist in every step of you system life cycle - from the initial planning all the way to the delivery and beyond. We provide expertise in planning, execution and regular database administration support. For an existing database, we provide very technical solutions like performance tuning, disaster recovery plans, backup and recovery, system architecture review and much more. And we do this at a value that can be hard to beat.

We undertake short to medium term assignments that requires the skills of an experienced DBA but the economic justification of hiring a full time skilled DBA for these tasks may not exist due to the limited duration of these assignments. In addition whenever customers wish to supercharge their project timelines for a faster completion, we provide the expert services till a full time DBA assumes charge and gets the knowledge transferred from us. Whenever it is feasible we try to make an accurate estimate of the work to be accomplished and present it for approval. In the course of an assignment we keep the customer and their technical people well abreast of the project progress. At end of an assignment we prepare detailed documentation and train the customer's staff well enough to carry out the details. Please visit the Portfolio of Services for a complete list of services we offer. If you want further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

The new additions to the roster of services are

Oracle Security Assessment and Auditing

Oracle Security and Auditing Training Seminar.



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