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Oracle TrainingSkillBuilders

Proligence doesn't offer general Oracle training, except for a specialized module for security solutions ( For all other types of Oracle training, we strongly recommend SkillBuilders (, a firm with extremely talented instructors including the founder Dave Anderson, who we respect as an excellent trainer. There are Oracle gurus and there are very good instructors; but Dave is a unique blend of both and we are pretty sure you will not be disappointed. We also feel important to let you know that there is absolutely no formal relationship between Proligence and SkillBuilders and this recommendation is based on pure merit.

Useful Links

Oracle Corporation Links Non-Oracle Corp Links Oracle Corp Homepage International Oracle User Group. If you are an IOUG member, you will find several important features here. Our personal favorite - the Technical Repository. Oracle Technology Network, home to many types of resources such as excellent technical articles, whitepapers as well as software downloads. Requires free registration. Select Journal Homepage. It's the IOUG publication. Excellent articles. Requires membership to IOUG. Oracle Magazine online. Contains all articles published in Oracle and some more - the online-only articles. Has some of the articles by Proligence people, too. Connecticut Oracle User Group. Useful for future meeting announcements , downloads of past meetings, etc. AskTom site maintained by Tom Kyte of Oracle Corp, where Tom answers questions posed by users. New York Oracle User Group Homepage. Several articles and presentations can be found here. MetaLink, the Oracle's Support Services' site. In addition to support questions and answers it houses numerous documents which was privy to only the Oracle personnel a few years ago. Needs registration and a valid Oracle support contract. Online portal for several database related articles, from many well known authors such as Jonathan Lewis, Don Burleson and Proligence's own Arup Nanda. Best of all - it's free! Steve Adam's website; holds many tips and tricks not found anywhere else. Jared Still's repository of Oracle goodies - particularly Perl scripts. Jonathan Lewis' site with many jewels on Oracle technology. The Oracle "underground" site; well organized repository of knowledge related to Oracle technology. The site where the archives of Oracle-L mailing lists can be found. Requires registration.


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