Specimen Documents

These are some of the sample documents produced by Proligence consultants as a part of a project; not the articles or presentations made by Proligence experts in a public forum. For the articles and publications, please see here.

Needless to say, the finale to any important project is documentation and at Proligence, we take it very seriously. We don't consider our work done until we transfer the knowledge completely and unambiguously to the customer's staff and documentation is the key to such activity. Here are some samples from our actual documentation to the customer. The names of the customers, the database objects, etc. has been changed to protect the identity of our customers. These require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. 

Replication Setup  

Customer wanted us to set up replication between the main database and a reporting and failover database. After the project, which was of about 30 days duration, we setup the replication, configured the databases for fallback, etc. and provided the scripts for administering the setup. This document is our project turnover documentation for the customer's in-house DBA staff.

Oracle Parallel Server Setup and Administration

Customer wanted us to create the architectural design and implement a highly available database for a third party tool. The database was of OLTP nature, very large and  adding to the complexities, the customer's DBA team did not want to spend a lot of time in actively monitoring the database due to lack of resources. We designed the architecture, installed, implemented and finally handed over the database to the customer's DBA staff with this document. We also actively managed the database for about a month, rooted out all the problems and documented them in this document for future reference.

Load Balancing Setup in Oracle Parallel Server

As a part of the Oracle 8i Migration, the customer moved from a multi-database solution to more powerful multi-instance single database solution for several application servers connecting to the database services. This required load balancing to be set up between the nodes of the cluster for the applications servers. We set up the environment and tested the solution.

We will be constantly adding more and more representative documents here for your review later,

2002, Proligence.